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Wrist Extension Orthoses (WHFOs)

a team approach to bilateral wrist extension orthoses (WHFOs)

The primary goals for these devices were to reduce contractures while improving resting alignment and range of motion.

We had to successfully address two significant challenges in the development of these orthoses. One, that previous devices had not been tolerated due to the limited body fat over the patients’ wrists and poor healing potential. Two, numerous care givers will be taking the orthoses on and off.

In the development of these devices we were pleased to work with an interdisciplinary health team including a physiotherapist and occupational therapist experienced in hand care.
— Gord Ruder, Certified Orthotist B.Sc., M.Sc., CO(c), F.C.B.C
Fabrication of these WHFOs was a welcomed challenge.

It was clear that insuring the correct strap and obturator orientation would be necessary to gain optimal control and meet the patient’s goals. This required clear communication between myself and Gord.
— Kori Macarthur, Technical Intern B.Sc. Kin