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What’s out there? What works better for patients? What doesn’t? 


During our 30 years in business, we’ve seen significant advances in materials and designs—and we’ve been at the forefront of many of them.


Innovative designs in our Boundless Lab

These innovations have made traditional braces cooler—more high-tech, bionic, and lightweight, which allows for more natural movement.  We’re excited about exploring anything that pushes the boundaries of orthotic care.

Whether it’s establishing 3-D printing protocols, testing print materials, integrating cutting-edge componentry, working with new thermoplastics or improving our new fabrication techniques, we’re always at the forefront of what’s new and improved and can mean better function for you.


Future with Orthotic Clinicians and Registered Technicians

The relationship between our orthotic Clinicians and Registered Technicians is a dynamic one. Developing newer methods of design and componetry can result in orthotics that allow for more natural movement. 



Sharing knowledge with leading orthotic researchers can result in groundbreaking technology. One example is our research into the widely adopted Energy Storage and Return ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), where we set a new standard in orthotic gait analysis and evidence based practice.


of the New

Our staff and apprentices always go the extra mile in exploring new technologies, attending seminars and becoming leading speakers to pave the way for the future.