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Over 30 years of helping people move beyond their limitations

Getting an orthotic device can make a major impact on a person’s life, allowing them to go to work or school, and relieve pain and fatigue. Given the Canadian orthotics industry is unregulated, choosing a certified orthotic professional is critical.  

We are a team of orthotic experts in Mississauga who specialize in custom orthoses for a wide range of clients with movement or mobility issues. Here are some reasons to consider us as your orthotic supplier.


Ethical provision of orthotics

All members of our staff are Certified Orthotists CO(c) and Registered Technicians (or working towards this), meeting national certification exams and mandatory continuing education as dictated by Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (opcanda.ca).

Gold Standard Providers
Advancing Orthotic Solutions
Boundless Clinics

Improving Patient Outcomes

One solution doesn’t fit all. We evaluate a patient’s needs—both physical and lifestyle—to create custom made or
ready-to-wear braces that provide the best possible fit, function and appearance.

Who We Treat
Orthotic Devices
Registered Service Providers
Stages of Patient Care

Resources for Healthcare Providers

Orthotics are often misunderstood
by both patients and healthcare providers. We provide the widest range of education materials on everything from getting fitted for a brace to taking care of it.

Resource Library
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Sharing our knowledge, experience, approach and care

Gold standard providers, because we’re about so much more than making orthotic devices

Whether your patient is a child whose mobility has been affected by a physical condition, or an athlete who wants better support for a enhanced performance, or an aging boomer who wants to ease the pain of their achy joints, we strive to come up with the best and most creative solutions for your patients individual problem. And get them moving beyond their limitations.

Advanced orthotic care

Stay abreast of the most current technology. Engage in advancements working with engineers and 3D printing partners.

Our Clinics

We are chosen orthotic providers for : ErinoakKids and Sunnybrook Center for Independent Living.

Improving patients experience, solutions and potential outcome

Who we treat

All ages. All complexities. All ability levels

Orthotic devices

Off-the-shelf and custom orthotic devices made in on-site by Registered Orthotic Technicians.

Custom devices allow us to treat complex medical cases with innovative approaches.

Stages of care

Initial assessment, fitting, follow-up, re-assessment.

Sharing resources, forms, education and support materials.

Resources for patients

Order your patient introduction kit here, this includes a copy of relevant patient information from how to prepare for your first appointment…


Making a referral

We accept referrals for orthotic consultation from all healthcare providers.

Prescriptions for custom orthotic devices, through the ADP program. Download form here:

Prescriptions for non-custom orthotic devices,


Stay up to date to trends in the industry, changes to orthotic care and special events.

schedule an in-service

In-services are great ways to update orthotic knowledge, explore new topics or assist with onboarding of new staff members. Covering topics from off-loading the diabetic foot, contracture management and pathology specific topics.