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Finding the right shoe or boot to accommodate
a child’s device can be a challenge


About our Shoe Guides

Getting footwear that’s specially designed to be worn with orthoses (SMOs, AFOs, KAFOs) is critical for kids, whatever their age. A shoe that’s too tight or loose can affect balance, walking and stability, impacting the function of their orthotic. It can also lead to skin problems from rubbing, pressure and friction. But just like every child, every brace is different, which means finding the right shoe or boot to accommodate their device can be a challenge. That’s why we have created our guides in hopes of making the process easier for you and your child.

Many of the shoes you see here were selected based on the experience and insights of parents who come into our clinics. If you have a shoe that you think we should include in our list message us @boundlessbraces. We do our best to update this guide annually with some of our favourite shoes.

If you have any other questions regarding your shoes or boots for your child’s orthoses, contact us.  Your Boundless orthotist will be happy to make suggestions about orthotic-friendly styles your kid will need to wear—and want to wear.  

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve found the shoe you like, here are some additions your orthotic technician can add:

  • velcro lace extensions

  • pull straps on the heel

  • rigid heel counters

  • convert laces to velcro



Children’s shoes

Getting the Right Shoes

Wide, deep toe boxes, removable insoles and lightweight materials are all considerations. But functionality doesn’t have to come at the expense of style. Thanks to the popularity of Sneaker Culture, kids can now find cool, state of the art orthotic shoes that look like the kind worn by their favourite hip hop artists or basketball stars, and match their outfits.

For shoe buying tips for orthoses users view the PDF below


New Balance
Kids Shoes

Why we like them: great heel counter, good depth and width to the toe box. Comes in wide sizes, and in Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid sizes

  • Recommended styles: KJ990 Lace-Up, Urge Pre-school, Urge Grade School, Fuel Core Rush v3

  • Price range: $55 - $90

  • Available at: New Balance, Amazon, Sport Chek

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: Wide midfoot, wide and deep toe box, lots of colour options

  • Recommended styles: Kids Chelsea, Pure, and Pure SE

  • Price range: $45 - $87 (free shipping over $39)

  • Available at: DC shoes & Sport Chek

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: wide and deep toe box accommodates AFO’s well, comes with extra long straps that are interchangeable, flexible material makes donning easier.

  • Recommended styles: Ty, Nat, Roan, Emme, Miles, Charlie WP, Chloe, and Sam (sandal)

  • Price range: $75 - $97 US (Nordstrom online), $55 - $90 CAD (Nordstrom stores)

  • Available at: Nordstrom

Mt. Emey
Kids Shoes

Why we like them: accommodative footwear for AFO’s (deep and wide), durable.

  • Recommended styles: all styles are appropriate

  • Price range: $135.00

  • View Colours at: OrtoPed

  • Call Boundless Biomechanical Bracing to order

  • Our Tip: if your child uses a ‘hybrid’ brace meaning a small orthosis (SMO) inside a larger orthosis (AFO) shoe depth is very important. These shoes offer some of the greatest depth on the market.

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: BOA system closure shoes have a rear opening and very easy donning and doffing, exceptional quality.

*shoes are made to order and will take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • Recommended styles: any

  • Price range: $222 - $267

  • Available at: Easy-Up Shoes

  • Our Tip: consider these shoes if your child has hemiparesis one sided weakness. The ‘dial’ makes it easier to don and tighten their shoes independently.


Kids Shoes

Why we like them: lightweight, flat soles, long tongues make volume accommodations easier. 

  • Recommended styles: Easy slip (rear entry), all star canvas (high-tops can stay on better)

  • Price range: $50 - $100

  • Easy slip available through: Amazon, All Star available through The Shoe Company

  • Our Tip: You may want to avoid these shoes if your child uses a ‘hybrid’ brace meaning a small orthosis (SMO) inside a larger orthosis (AFO) OR if the toe area of the brace is thick. If this sounds like your child’s brace, avoid these shoes because of the rubber toe-cap.

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: Long velcro strap, wide and deep toe box.

  • Recommended styles: Sonic, Velocity, Natsu, Glitz, Racer, Twinkle, Rainbow, Dash, Bolt

  • Price range: $70 - $75 (free shipping over $39)

  • Available at: Shoe Kid

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: rear entry makes donning easier, adjustable straps for heel counter, extra insoles to increase depth of toe box.

  • Recommended styles: any

  • Price range: $67 + $50 shipping to Canada

  • Available at: Hatchbacks Footwear

Billy Footwear
Kids Shoes

Why we like them: Shoe upper fully opens by a zipper making donning easy with a one-handed zipper closure. Deep and wide toe box ensures ample room for foot. Thick insole easily removes to provide more depth.

  • Recommended styles: high or low top

  • Price range: $89 (low-top), $96 (high-top)

  • Available at: Super-Fly Shoes & Nordstrom

  • Our Tip: when trying on with your child’s braces, undo the laces as much as possible, slip the shoe on, do up the zipper and tighten the laces again. Now your child will put on their shoes with the pull of the zipper.

Kids Shoes

Why we like them: shoes have a “squeaker” in the heel to encourage heel-toe walking (can be turned off). Toddler sizing, will fit over AFOs.

  • Recommended styles: any

  • Price range: $112