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Orthotic Care for Your Patients

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Our approach

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patient experience

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Authorized Vendors

Boundless Biomechanical Bracing is an authorized orthotic vendor for the following programs:

  • Assisstive Devices Program (ADP)

  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

  • Interim Federal Health (IFH)

Our Approach

gold standard in Orthotic care

Certified Orthotist are considered Gold Standard providers of orthotic care because of our focused education, and membership to the governing body (Orthotics Prosthetics Canada)



Our clinicians apply an evidence based model of care….. objective evaluation of orthotic treatment, utilizing outcome measures.



Up to date technology, stance control orthoses, functional electrical stimulation, innovative custom designs for complex patients.


our team

Our team of Certified Orthotists & Registered Technicians.

Patient Experience


We work with patients across all ages with a variety of diagnosis and functional levels from Paralympic and Olympic athletes to individuals recovering from a motor vehicle accident or an individual with a progressive neuromuscular disease.

From your every day patient to the most complex.


orthotic devices

We provide off-the-shelf and custom made orthoses including lower limb orthotics, upper limb orthotics and spinal orthoses (not including ideopathic scoliosis). Custom orthotics are made on-site.


ongoing patient care

Ongoing patient care includes: assessment, fitting, follow-up, re-assessment.

Patients can be seen within 1 week of their initial referral & expect to receive their device in 1 week for off-the-shelf devices and 2-4 weeks for custom devices. We try to accommodate special needs and post-surgical or post-botox needs as possible.

Resources for You


We accept referrals for consultation from all health care providers. If you desire a orthotic referral pad visit our shop to have one sent to you today.

  • Fax referrals directly to 905-602-0650

Prescriptions for orthotic devices are accepted from Physicians and RPNs and require a completed Assistive Devices Program (ADP) form to be sent directly to our clinic or with the patient to their consultation.

  • ADP Forms can be downloaded here:


patient resources

These resources make sure your patients are informed and creates a seamless process from your referral until the patient is seen by us. Exclusive access to resources (SHOP HERE).



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In-services and continuing education

Stay up to date with current orthotic practices, refresh new staff. Tailored to your needs. Schedule an in-service today