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"Because of my busy life, I need to give some extra TLC to my brace. Every time I come to Boundless they are able to take care of it." 

Radim Raskin

Radim's KAFO needs to stand up to construction sites,
ATVing in the woods and swimming with great white sharks.

Toronto contractor Radim Raskin is always on the go, go, go. So when he sustained nerve damage to his hip and pelvis in a motor vehicle accident in 2000, he was determined not to let his injuries stop him. He hasn’t, and he attributes much of this to his KAFO, or knee-ankle-foot orthosis, a long leg brace which encompasses the leg from hip to foot.

“I pretty much use my KAFO on a day to day basis, from morning until I go to bed, basically anything you can do, I can do it,” he says. “The brace allows me to do what I did before.”

It’s an understatement to say Radim puts his brace through a lot. Both his job and lifestyle are physically demanding. When not overseeing major reconstruction projects in Toronto (the Riply’s Aquarium is one example), he’s a weekend warrior, wearing his  brace ATVing in the woods, jet skiing, snowmobiling and even cage diving with great white sharks, just to name a few of his escapades

Over the years, Radim has had many KAFOs to accommodate his high activity levels. Like many Boundless clients, he has a lot of input into the design process, getting involved in decisions such as selecting materials, and components such as buckles and straps. Currently Radim has a custom made KAFO with drop locks. He knows that taking care of his brace with regular check-ups is essential to making sure that it will function properly and will last longer.

More activity means more wear and tear on the brace, and Radim is aware that he needs to keep it properly maintained because of everything he puts it through. Taking care of your brace with regular check-ups is essential to making sure that it functions properly and can help prolong the life of the brace.