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Making your child's brace is a collaborative effort


From Iron Man Red to Pretty in Pink,
we get your child’s input into colour and pattern.



Children are more likely to keep wearing a brace that looks and feels good


Creating a brace that fits your child’s personality is also a big part of what we do.

Our technicians can make braces more fun to wear for children by adding custom designs ranging from floral patterns to the logo of a favourite sports team. 


Dealing with self esteem issues


Growing up wearing a brace can be challenging for many children, especially during the school years. Some children are better able to cope with the difficulties, while others may become so self-conscious they may stop wearing their brace altogether.

At Boundless, we realize there are no easy solutions to these issues. But we do believe that educating others can help school children become more accepting of their peers that use devices. We encourage your child to talk about their concerns and issues with members of our team. Working together we will try to come up with realistic solutions that will help them make the most of their potential.