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A child’s height and weight will change over the years
—and so will their interests


A brace that worked for a young child may not be right when they enter adolescence. Working together, we strive to come up with the most appropriate solutions.



How long will your child have to wear their brace?

A lot depends on their underlying condition and functionality. Generally children who require long-term orthotic use can wear their brace from 18 to 24 months before it needs to be replaced.  We will provide continuous care to make sure your child is getting the best device possible at every developmental milestone.  

For example, to prolong a growing child’s use of his or her orthosis, adjustments can be made to the brace when it becomes too short, snug and the toes hang over the end. These are usually done free of charge except for the cost of replacing component parts (eg. straps and knee joints).