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Development of a Tool to Monitor the Technical Quality of Ankle Foot Orthoses

Leaders in Technical Standards

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Development of the Boundless Bracing Quality Assurance tool was conducted by Emily Enright RTO(c) and Helen Cochrane M.Sc., CPO(c). The development process was presented at the Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC) Conference on Saturday August 11th, 2018.  

Why Are Technical Standards Important?

  • They ensure the quality of care for the patients

  • They enable us to monitor the consistency of production

  • They support skills development in new professionals

  • They encourage continuous technical improvement


Why We Need Your Help?

Although International & National governing bodies stress the importance of high technical standards very limited tools exist to assess and monitor the quality of technical production for custom orthotic devices. Through use of this tool we plan generate a collective set data that will help us to provide the necessary evidence that we as a profession consistently achieve high levels of technical quality. This in turn will help us to advocate for Technicians with experience and skills to be recognised for the quality of their work.


Who Can Use This Tool?

We hope that this tool will be put to use by all Orthotic Professionals, whether they be students, residents, interns or certifees.


Where Can I Find the Tool?

You can access the Boundless Bracing Quality Assurance Tool from the link below

If you require further assistance or would like more information please contact Emily Enright RTO(c) at: emily@boundlessbracing.com

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