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Creating an orthotic device is both an art and
a science—and not everyone is qualified to do it


The team at Boundless Biomechanical Bracing is a group of highly qualified Certified Orthotists CO (c) and  Registered Orthotic Technicians RTO (c) in Ontario who specialize in custom orthoses (splints and braces) for a wide range of clients with movement or mobility issues. 

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a reputation for integrity, exemplary patient care, and ethical provision of orthoses. And it’s one we try to build upon each and every day to help you reach your boundless goals.


Orthotic solutions from head to toe

Everyone at Boundless has studied biomechanics, the science of why and how
the body moves the way it does. So we know that one solution doesn’t fit all.

By evaluating your specific needs—both physical and lifestyle—we’ll create custom-designed or ready-to-wear braces to provide you with the best possible fit, function
and appearance. 


Some of our clients and families
have been with us for over 25 years

At Boundless, we’ve developed deep relationships with children and their families and caregivers. So we know that along with height and weight, a child’s goals and interests will change.

What works for a toddler won’t necessarily work for a tween. That’s why we work closely with your child at every developmental milestone to make sure they get a brace that fits their mobility needs and personality.   


Getting a custom-made brace can make
a major impact on your life

But it’s not a one-step process. You’ll need assessments. Follow-ups. Adjustments. Advice on how to clean and care for your brace. You can count on us at all stages of your journey, from the first casting to the final fine-tuning.



We’re not the ones wearing the braces, our patients are

Once an orthotic device goes out of our lab into the real world, we expect it to take part in the real world.

Getting across campus. Playing sports. ATVing through the woods. Or simply getting you through your work day with less pain and fatigue. That’s why we work closely with patients and their families to help you live your best possible life.