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Ezra Prashad

Heading into parenthood with a child who has a physical disability is daunting for most parents.

“We weren’t sure what to expect,” Beth says. “But we were told there would be good people along the way and that’s exactly what we found at Boundless.”


Radim Raskin

His KAFO needs to stand up to construction sites, ATVing in the woods  and swimming with great white sharks.

“Because of my busy life, I need to give some extra TLC to my brace. Every time I come to Boundless, they are able to take care of it.”


Alex Parent

It was when he got his first pair of braces at Boundless through ErinoakKids Centre, that his mobility really started.

“For me, the braces were a whole new experience,” he says. “Everything opened up.”


Anisa Ashe

Growing up, Anisa has had a lot of different types of braces, ranging from a full leg brace called Knee Ankle Foot Orthotic (KAFO)  to shoe lifts.  

“Boundless was able to constantly come up with unique solutions which they’re constantly adjusting to fit her needs.” 


Eleana Mastromatteo

A rare condition threatened to rob Eleana
of her mobility—but not her positive attitude

 “I am definitely not a textbook case. But Boundless was able to look at all angles of my medical history and lifestyle, and come up with the best orthotic device that meets my needs.”