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We specialize in custom-made and ready-to-wear orthotic devices

These are devices—usually a brace or splint—that are used to support,
protect and improve the function of various parts of your body.

We are trained in the evaluation/assessment, fabrication, application and use of orthoses.
Here’s how the process works at Boundless.  


Assess and evaluate

This involves understanding your condition, medical history and goals.
We will perform a full biomechanical assessment, which includes assessing joint range of motion and gait analysis.


Create and fabricate

Based on your evaluation, we will create a brace based on your specific biomechanical and lifestyle needs. Because we want you to take ownership of your device, we welcome your input into things like color, padding and components such as straps.


Fit, adjust and follow up

Once your brace leaves our lab, we’ll need to see how it works in the real world. That’s why we schedule a follow up appointments after you've been fit with your device to make sure it’s comfortable, functions properly and meets your treatment goals.   

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Know the difference between custom-made and ready-to-wear


We specialize in custom-made orthotic devices created for your individual needs. That means the brace or splint is made for you and only you, and will require a prescription from your doctor.

However, not every condition requires a custom solution. We also provide ready-to-wear orthotic devices with a wide range of products from top quality manufacturers worldwide. Unlike a custom-made device, you can acquire ready-to-wear braces and splints directly from Boundless without a prescription. These can be tweaked and adjusted to your unique needs and measurements.


Getting the right orthotic device can change your world


But it's important to use it correctly, so our support continues after you receive your device. We provide thorough instructions on how to use it in the real world.

This includes:

• How to put on and wear your brace
• A wearing schedule for your new brace
• How to drive wearing your brace                 
• How to clean your brace
• How to put on your brace correctly     
• How to check for signs of wear and tear



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Getting you moving through our partnerships with hospitals and health care providers

Getting the right orthotic device is a group effort. Collaborating among different health care professionals
is very important.

We work closely with local hospitals, rehab centres, and private therapy centres, sharing advice and strategies to get you moving and functioning better.


Orthotics technology is always advancing


And we have been—and still are—at the forefront of many of the advances that can improve patient mobility and function. To do that, we partner with top orthotic suppliers who are worldwide leaders in state-of-the-art devices.

And because we have boundless curiousity about what’s out there, we will try out new materials, components and designs in our lab, to see what will work best for our patients.

That said, we don’t recommend the latest and greatest just for the sake of it. We do our due diligence, testing every material and design for longevity and durability. We’ll come up with whatever solution works best for your unique needs—including the tried and true.