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Our Approach

Raising awareness for the need for qualified orthotic professionalS


Gold Standard in Care

Whether it’s a child whose mobility has been affected by a physical condition or an athlete who wants better support for better performance, we offer the highest quality of care. But our passion for what we do extends beyond working hours. Some members of our team are instructors in the Prosthetic-Orthotic Programs at George Brown College. We’re also advocates, travelling worldwide to raise awareness of the profession.

Advancing Orthotic Solutions

At Boundless, we’re all about innovation, continually asking ourselves what’s best for clients. We work with biomedical engineers and 3D printing partners like Nia Technology to push the boundaries of orthotic care. That said, we don’t recommend the latest and greatest just for the sake of it. If the tried-and-true solution works, we use it.


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Boundless Clinics

Over the years, we’ve developed deep relationships with our clients, their families and caregivers. Some of our clients and families have been with us over 25 years. We are trusted orthotic providers for ErinoakKids and Sunnybrook Center for Independent Living (SCIL) at Sunnybrook Hospital.

We have been working with ErinoakKids for 28 years and SCIL for 27 years.