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Over 30 years of helping people move beyond their limitations

Getting an orthotic device can make a major impact on a person’s life, allowing them to go to work or school, and relieve pain and fatigue. Given that the Canadian orthotics industry is unregulated, it is critical that you choose a certified orthotic professiona.  

We are a team of orthotic experts who specialize in custom orthoses for a wide range of clients with movement or mobility issues. Here are some reasons to consider us as your orthotic supplier.

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All members of our staff are Certified Orthotists CO(c) and Registered Orthotic Technicians RTO(c), certified through Orthotics Prosthetics Canada.

We pride ourselves on giving sound and honest advice.

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One solution doesn’t fit all. We evaluate a patient’s needs—both physical and lifestyle—to create custom-made or
ready-to-wear braces that optimize fit, function and appearance.

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Orthotics are often misunderstood
by both patients and healthcare providers. We provide a wide range of patient educational resources on everything from funding to taking care of your brace.