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Using your brace in the real world can take some getting used to


New braces can cause pressure areas to the skin, which is why we recommend that you follow a wearing schedule.


Suggested wearing schedule

Your orthotist will discuss your wearing schedule with you when you receive your new brace. 
Here’s what we generally recommend:


1st week:

30 minutes on
2 hours off

(3 times/day)

2nd week:

1 hour on  
1 hour off  

(3 times/day)

3rd week:

6-8 hours on
then off

 (as instructed)

Get your downloadable version of the wearing schedule here



Why you need to monitor skin redness with a new brace


Even if you’ve had braces before, it’s important to monitor your skin when you get a new brace. Be on the look out for any changes to your skin or excess redness. Here’s a general guide: 

  • Your brace should not be causing blisters, pain or excessive redness.

  • If redness does not disappear within 30 minutes, schedule an appointment to see your
    Orthotist as your brace may need to be adjusted.