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“Answering phone calls, meeting prospective students and patients, and watching them blossom is extremely gratifying.”

About Ruth 

Ruth Blocka
Administrative Coordinator

Ruth is the go-to person at Boundless when it comes to handling the endless administrative details. Overseeing the accounting department, she is instrumental in the day-to-day operations, keeping everyone on task with her knack for organization and careful attention to detail. 

What keeps our sprightly octogenarian going? A strong work ethic and her commitment to the orthotics industry. Prior to joining Boundless in 2000, she volunteered at George Brown College, helping with admissions. Answering phone calls from prospective, timid students, watching them blossom over the next few years, and take on exciting new roles in their professional careers has been gratifying for Ruth. She is especially delighted that many of the students who entered the Prosthetics & Orthotics Program at George Brown College are now part of the team at Boundless, using their education, smarts and creativity to help patients move beyond their limitations.